NYC Workshops


I took a two day trip to New York City to attend the first Adorama TV Live! workshop featuring Gavin Hoey, a professional photographer who also dedicates a significant amount of time to sharing his knowledge with other photographers. Gavin spent the day teaching three different workshops. The first was primarily about Photoshop. The second focused on taking photos using a single speedlight, and finally, he presented a workshop that showcased some of his more popular shots from his YouTube series Take & Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey. The second session was live streamed by Adorama, and can be watched on their channel.

Big thanks to Gavin for spending the day with us! Sure hope you enjoyed your first trip to New York from the United Kingdom.

Of course, being in New York City means I’ve got to get out and shoot a little bit of the streets. Again it was cold while I was in the city, so I was forced to limit how much time I spent outside, but I’m still happy with the moments I was able to capture.

The complete gallery from this trip can be viewed/purchased here:

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