Norman Lear

In a partnership between Northshire Bookstore and WAMC, The Book Show host Joe Donahue sat down to interview legendary television creator Norman Lear in Manchester, VT in front of a live audience.

The legendary creator of iconic television programs All in the Family, Sanford and Son, Maude, Good Times, The Jeffersons, and Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, Norman Lear remade our television culture—while leading a life of unparalleled political, civic, and social involvement. Sharing the wealth of Lear’s ninety years, Even This I Get to Experience is a memoir as touching and remarkable as the life he has led. -Northshire Bookstore 

Acer Objects – Manchester, VT (Google Business View)

In an unsuspecting building along Main Street in Manchester Village, Vermont, lies a treasure trove of home decorating items that many have never seen before.

Acer Objects, Manchester, VT

Acer Objects is a store that many have passed by thinking nothing of stopping, but trust me, once you’ve been inside, you’ll be back often to search out new and interesting items for your home.

Recently, Northshire Photo had the opportunity to create a virtual tour of this amazing interior decor shop, so that everyone can see what they’ve been missing out on. So be sure to take a look around the tour below, and then head on over the Acer Objects to get some unique furnishings!

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Once Upon A Mattress – Mesa Verde Drama Troupe

Today, while visiting San Diego, I got the opportunity to check out the Mesa Verde Drama Troupe’s performance of “Once Upon A Mattress”. Having been a student (many years ago) of a rival middle school, and having a cousin in the show I thought it would be fun to see if much has changed in the old neighborhood, and of course, there’s never a bad time to capture a show through the lens.

These images are a rough edit so that they could be shared quickly. Please recheck this page in a week for additional photos.

Town Meeting 2014 – “Somebody Has To Do It”

140301-democracy, government, Manchester, ManchesterVT, meeting, NorthshirePhoto, political, politics, townmeetingtown meeting, Vermont, VT-7Town Meeting… Never heard of it? Then you probably don’t live in Vermont. Every year, the first week of March, towns across the state of Vermont hold individual meetings where local officials are elected, budgets are decided, and appropriations are doled out.

Most importantly, Town Meeting is an opportunity for individuals to have their voice heard. This is the one chance a year where you can get up in front of your neighbors, and express to them why you agree, or often disagree with the planned future of the community.

140301-democracy, government, Manchester, ManchesterVT, meeting, NorthshirePhoto, political, politics, townmeetingtown meeting, Vermont, VT-4Unfortunately across the state, attendance at town meetings has declined over the years. Many towns have tried creative ways to boost attendance. Traditionally meetings were scheduled for the first Tuesday of March. Floor meetings are more frequently occurring on the Saturday before. Some towns prefer to split the public forum and Australian ballot days.

140301-democracy, government, Manchester, ManchesterVT, meeting, NorthshirePhoto, political, politics, townmeetingtown meeting, Vermont, VT-6Done properly, Town Meeting is democracy at it’s finest. As we learned in Manchester, Vermont this year, margins on topics can be very small. If you don’t participate in the process, you’re letting others make choices for you.

Below are a few images from the Manchester, Vermont 2014 Town Meeting. Be sure to view the full gallery of images here: Learn more about Town Meeting here:

NYC Workshops

I took a two day trip to New York City to attend the first Adorama TV Live! workshop featuring Gavin Hoey, a professional photographer who also dedicates a significant amount of time to sharing his knowledge with other photographers. Gavin spent the day teaching three different workshops. The first was primarily about Photoshop. The second focused on taking photos using a single speedlight, and finally, he presented a workshop that showcased some of his more popular shots from his YouTube series Take & Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey. The second session was live streamed by Adorama, and can be watched on their channel.

Big thanks to Gavin for spending the day with us! Sure hope you enjoyed your first trip to New York from the United Kingdom.

Of course, being in New York City means I’ve got to get out and shoot a little bit of the streets. Again it was cold while I was in the city, so I was forced to limit how much time I spent outside, but I’m still happy with the moments I was able to capture.

The complete gallery from this trip can be viewed/purchased here:

Penguin Plunge for the Special Olympics of Vermont

Think you’ve experienced cold? Unless you’ve jumped into a hole cut in a frozen pond, I’m sure the participants of the Penguin Plunge would think otherwise!

The Penguin Plunge is a unique fundraiser that benefits the Special Olympics of Vermont. The North Bennington event was the first of three icy events that are held throughout VT. In coming weeks there will be additional events in Burlington, and Newport.

Safety and support for the event was provided by the North Bennington Fire Department who’s trained Cold Water Support Team, entertained onlookers before the event began with acrobatic dives into the frigid waters.

Additional images are available in our gallery:


Curling in Las Vegas

Ten hours of travel time took me to warm and sunny Las Vegas, Nevada to photograph the 2014 WFG Continental Cup. That’s right folks, curling in the middle of the desert! While curling may not be amongst the more popular sports in the US. It’s a pretty big thing just to the North in Canada, and with the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi just around the corner, curling is bound to get a small boost in the ratings.

The fans at the Orleans Arena in Vegas came out in full force for the 3 Day event, nearly filling the stands to cheer on their favorite teams competing in a unique international competition. Teams from North America challenged those from Europe and Asia (The World) in an 11 round (draw) 33 game tournament.

In the end North America won the Continental Cup, and entertained record numbers of fans. Who says curling is only for cold climates?


For additional images from the 2014 Continental Cup visit: